Everyday like Your Last or Everyday to the Fullest??

Which is it for you? For me, it’s neither. I want to just live each day, without wasting time on insignificant or futile distractions.

If I live each day like it is my last, I wouldn’t be able to enjoy life’s precious moments. I would always be trying to tackle the “big” things, missing out on the inconspicuous or innocent beautifully intimate “small” experiences. I would miss the hummingbirds flying around my flowerbeds. I would miss out on the latte from the local coffee shoppe while reading a bicycle magazine. I would miss out on the morning “peck” kiss as I left for my bike ride, jog, or swim. I would miss out on the impromptu lunch with my granddaughter. I would miss out on the quiet time in the afternoon on my back porch while drinking coffee. I would miss out on the TV time with my wife, laughing at the shows we were watching.

If I live everyday to the fullest, I wouldn’t be able to enjoy the lesser experiences of a local restaurant with a friend, a visit to the local bike or outdoor shop, a walk on the river, a trip to the grocery store for sorbet for my grandson, or a quick trip to my son’s & daughter’s-in-law house for a xmas program or a short walk with my wife.

If I just live each day without wasting time on insignificant distractions, I will take that

Time Flies…54 Years Ago
walk with my wife, have lunch with my granddaughter, see my grandchildren’s Christmas program, sit on my back porch watching hummingbirds drinking coffee, go to the grocery store for sorbet, get that “peck” from my wife on the way out to ride, jog or swim. I will not get bogged down in “world” news, caustic relationships, destructive behaviors, dysfunctional pursuits or be consumed with those things I am not able to change, but would eat away at my precious time.

Live life. We do not have time to waste. Time flies by, and you turn around and it’s gone. So…Enjoy all the moments. Take time to breath in the beauty and the serenity of your surroundings. Enjoy healthy pursuits. Most of all, cherish those loving, caring and intimate relationships!!!

Cruises, Hard on the Diet!!

Here is what not to do…go on 3 cruises in 1 year. We found ourselves locked in to 3 cruises before we knew it, my wife and I. Cruises are great. I wrote about them last blog. However, if you are tying to lose to or maintain a healthy weight, 3 cruises per year will wreak havoc on your efforts.

I only gained 10 lbs over the 1st two cruises and was able to lose those fairly quickly. But it took a lot of effort. This cruise, I determined not to gain more than 5 pounds. I ran every other day and rode a stationary bike every other day while on the cruise. I ran for 1 1/2 hours each day and rode for 2 hours each day (only 1 hour the last day). I didn’t realize until later that my appetite increased disproportionately to the calories I burned. Too much food and drink available an in your face while floating around on the Caribbean Sea. I gained 9 pounds on the 7 day cruise. YIKES!!

I have already lost 2 of the pounds gained in 2 days back. I did learn something about myself and vacations on this trip, 10 uncompromising principles.

1. Find a way to continue your food & activity diary while on vacation. I did not keep my daily diary up. I believe if I would have made entries when I ate, I would have seen the calories building up each day and curtailed some of the extra eating and drinking.
2. Exercise, but normally. Do not increase the amount you exercise, keep to your normal routine or you will be tempted to eat to satisfy the increased calorie burn.
3. Don’t eat for entertainment. I found myself eating just because I was bored or had nothing else to do. Yes, you are able to become bored on a cruise ship. Find activities to do and do them. There are all kinds of games, activities, shows and events to go to and participate in that will keep you from the ice cream machine, pizza place, dessert bar, etc.
4. Don’t drink for entertainment. Same principle as above, but concerning sodas and alcoholic drinks. Too easy to drink “way” more than you do and skip the water.
5. Carry a bottled water with you at all times. This will keep down the number of snacks and drinks you get, if you are constantly drinking a bottled water.
6. Walk everywhere you go. This will help give you more calorie burn, which you will need.
7. Order 1 dessert at dinner. I at 2 at each sitting. Don’t know why, but I did.
8. Go on excursions. The only thing to do on the boat at port is eat or drink if you are not on an excursion.
9. Say no to the waiters and waitresses are constantly asking if you need something.
10. Make a plan before you go on a cruise…don’t be so strict on yourself that you miss out on some great food and drinks, but have a plan, make entries in your diary at the time you eat or drink, do your routine exercise plan, stay busy and enjoy your cruise.

How to Clean Internal Locking Trekking Poles!!

I was surfing the web this morning, looking at Backpacking items, blogs and articles. I ran across this and said, WOW! I needed this video. I use internal locking trekking poles and have been worried that when they stop working, what will I do. I much prefer internal locking poles, but so many of my friends say that once they start slipping, there is nothing you can do, but purchase new poles. Wrong, I now know how to fix and maintain them if they start to slip. I have years of backpacking on my REI poles and look forward to more.

Youtube video on maintaining or cleaning internal lock trekking poles.

Life is Too Short

Gloria and I relaxing with a view
I don’t have a bucket list, I have a “life is too short” list. Life is too short to worry about things you cannot change. Life is too short to worry about what others might think, even when you are seeking to do the best you are able. Life is too short to worry about what someone “heard” you said or did. Life is too short to worry about someone else’s fears and imaginations. Life is too short to live in a “squat,” to avoid risks, to miss seeing those right in front of you, not to say, “I love you,” not to take action, not to learn something new, not to taste something different, not to drink coffee on the back porch or take that trip to….

Life is too short not to live every day for Jesus, experiencing his grace and love, living with hope and purpose–whether working, serving, playing, or relaxing. Whole living after 50 is living in Jesus, enjoying life now, living without fear, taking care of yourself so you have quality of life, mentally, physically, relationally, sexually and most of all spiritually.

That is why, I have committed once again to full-time pastoring and serving in focused ways.

Backpacking in Emegrant Basin with Family
This is how God has gifted me and empowered me, therefore I find fulfillment and health in exercising these gifts faithfully–preaching/teaching, pastoring, leading and equipping others.

Heart to Heart Christian Fellowship
That is why, as I serve in this way at Heart to Heart Christian Fellowship and Co-Partners for Christ, I will also continue to build on my relationship with my wife, family, church and friends. I will also seek to eat in a healthy way and find supplements that are beneficial and not detrimental to my health. I will have active hobbies such as backpacking, road cycling, running, scuba diving, traveling, and beer making. I will have an active lifestyle that includes time with family, friends, believers and unbelievers.

You will be reading about many of these adventures. When I first started this blog, I intended on keeping my identity anonymous, but I decided, I will be an open book, so to speak, or an open blog.

I just returned from Honduras, where I began a ministry called Hogar de Esperanza. The trip was a great trip. We are making a major transition giving the lead over to Pastora Lorena Urbina and her family to develop and expand the current ministry there–from currently feeding 140 children 2 times per week and having 1-2 mission trips per year, to in the future having a church, a school, a clinic and a rehab center on location, all exalting Christ.

I am beginning my full-time role as Pastor and Director as I am transitioning out of my full-time English Teacher role at Brookhaven Youth Ranch School.

I am preparing for another trip to Honduras to continue working on the transition.

I am preparing for a family reunion in Texas as well as a backpacking trip in the Sierra Nevadas at the end of July. The backpacking trip will begin at Leavitt Meadows and be a 9 day trip.

So, hang on, I will let you know how my life at 59 is whole and full.

Feeding Children in Honduras
Hogar de Esperanza, Junquillo, Honduras 140 children and mothers.
Children Finishing the Great Adventure Bible Study

I’ve Been to REI

I just purchased Sahara convertible pants, silk one liner socks, and a backpack Themocell mosquito repeller. I also purchased refills for the Themocell. I have used silk one liner socks on my last 6 day hike in the Sierra Nevadas. I am going for 11 days this year from July 23-August 2. I will be wearing my Oboz boots, using my new Osprey pack, and all my other equipment. Most of my equipment is already field tested, but I haven’t tested my new Choco shoes, Thermocell mosquito repeller, or my new Osprey pack. I will post pictures of my recently purchased equipment soon.

Also, I have recently made a life decision concerning my daily commitment. I have committed to giving my full attention and time to Co-Partners for Christ and Heart to Heart Christian Fellowship. I will serve the poor, widows, orphans, disadvantaged, remote and hurting. I will show God’s grace in Jesus Christ to all who will receive. I will be traveling to Honduras, India, Mexico and other countries sharing God’s grace. I will will be leading Heart to Heart Christian Fellowship to sharing God’s grace with nearby neighbors. This is part of having a whole live after 50, finding meaning and a greater purpose for your life. This is mine.

Keep posted. Some interesting posts and pictures coming!!

Have 2 Batches of Beer Brewing, Hobby & Stress Relief

I discovered beer brewing through Mr. Beer, a company that produces and supplies all that is needed for beginner and easy home brewing. I found that brewing beer is a great hobby and a stress reliever for me. Using Mr. Beer, keeps it simple, but gives me enough freedom to develop my own recipes. I just bottled 2 different batches that are my first attempts at my own recipes.

I will share more about Mr. Beer and my recipes, but the reason I am writing this blog is to share one aspect of relieving stress. Stress is a killer in my life. I let it build until I am not able to think straight or I have an outburst of anger (really frustration). There are a few activities that help me, stop my routine, give my mind a rest, and have some enjoyment that also provides some sense of accomplishment (can’t get too serious or it’s no longer a stress reliever). Brewing beer, riding my rode bicycle, running, backpacking, and believe it or not, playing Halo on my xBox are some activities that help relieve stress. These either give me time to exert energy, to “not think”, to loosen stress-tight muscles, zone out, or time alone to think. It just depends on what I need to get rid of the stress. This doesn’t include the spiritual aspect. I will deal with that at another time.

So back to my brewing…

Mr. Beer offers kits to get a quick start, or you are able to purchase each item separately customizing your brewing operation. I chose to purchase my items separately, because I wanted glass bottles with swing tops, so I will be able to use them over and over. I ordered the plastic brewing keg and a few other accessories.

I also chose to order the items separately so I was able to order the type of beer I wanted to drink, not the type that came with a kit. I started by brewing the Bewitched Amber Ale first. I tried a few other kinds, before I put together my own recipe–I started with Bewitched Amber Ale Extract, added Brewmax DME smooth, Cascade hops and I used Safale S-04 Dry Ale Yeast. The other recipe I developed started with American Classic Ale Extract, Brewmax DME pale, Cascade hops and Safale S-04 Dry Ale Yeast. I follow Mr. Beer directions with some modifications: I add the DME while boiling for 5 minute cook with hops. I remove from heat and add the Ale Extract. I remove the hops before I pour the mixture into the brewing keg. I follow the brewing, bottling, and conditioning instructions Mr. Beer provides.

Part of the process for me, also includes inviting a friend over to have a beer or two, while we bottle the batch that is ready. We grill a steak, catch up on what’s knew in each other’s life, drink a store-bought beer or two, and laugh about the last time we bottled beer together.

My Classic Ale is in the refrigerator conditioning. My Amber Ale is bottled in a dark cool place carbonating. I hope it taste good, but it really doesn’t matter to me, it was the process. Stress relief. Enjoyment in life. And maybe, just maybe, some good beer to drink.

New Hiking Backing Boots, Oboz Bridger Mid BDry

I bought a new pair of Oboz Bridger Mids. I purchased them for my backpacking, hiking and daily wear. The last boots I bought were Ahnu, before those I purchased Merrells. I am anxious to see how these work. The Merrrells were terrible for me, I ended up with blisters on my first day of an 11-day hike that began in the Sequoia National Park. My Ahnu’s were great, they lasted two years of 7-day hiking in Emigrant Wilderness, the mountains of Honduras and daily use.

I have a wide foot with a high instep. These boots have a special insole called BFit soles. Here is what Oboz says about their insoles on their website, “BFit Insoles: Align feet biomechanically. Every pair of Oboz comes outfitted with a supportive, quality insole—on par with premium aftermarket insoles, but engineered just for our shoes.” I think this will be helpful for me, with my high instep and wide foot.

The boot is what Oboz calls BDry (waterproof), because of these three components, “The crux is our proprietary tape-sealed polyurethane film bootie, which waterproofs shoes but still lets sweat escape. Second, all of our BDry shoes come with hydrophobic upper materials, meaning the rest of the shoe won’t absorb water. And finally, the textile lining inside BDry boots wicks sweat away, so feet stay dry from the inside out.

They also have BFit lacing that helps lock in your heel to the molded heels the boots have. All these features along with the outsoles called Granite Peak, caused me to believe these will be the hiking boot for me. The Granite Peak outsoles are described as, “The quintessential hiking outsole, featuring a nylon shank for stability, toothy side lugs that hug off-camber trails, and 4mm directional lugs studding the sole. A lightweight TPU chassis boosts stability and prevents stone bruising without inhibiting flex.”

I started wearing them immediately, to break them in, which seems unnecessary. They have been comfortable and with a great feel from the day I put them on. I wear them daily for about 8 hours per day.

These will be the boots I wear for my 11-Day backpacking trip from Mt. Whitney to the Sequoia Nat Park. (I will be doing a couple 3-4 day hikes before then as well).

I will let you know how they wear and feel after my Mt. Whitney trip which will be in July.

Stay tuned: I am planning a 21-Day Backpacking Trip in Wyoming’s Wind River Mountains in 2018 and I have started long-range planning for my Thru-Hike of the Appalachian Trail in 2019 or 2020.

Supplements I Take

I did a lot of research before I started taking any supplements or vitamins. At 58, I have different needs than when I was 38. I also have high cholesterol and high blood pressure, so I wanted something that would help in those areas as well.

*Magnesium Oxide, for heart health. 1 400 mg capsule per day.
*Glucosamine Chondroitin MSM, for heart, joint and muscle health. I buy theVitamin Shoppe Specialty combination that has 500 mg Glucosamine, 400 mg Chondroitin, and 500 mg MSM, a bottle of 360 capsules. I take 3 capsules per day.
*L-arginine, for heart, muscle and sexual performance. 3 500 mg capsules per day.
*Maca, for testosterone and sexual health (weight control, energy). 1 500 mg. capsule per day.
*Omega 3 Fish Oil (300 EPA/ 200 DHA) for blood and heart health. 2 1000 mg soft gels per day.
*ONe Daily Men’s 50 theVitamin Shoppe multivitamin supplement. 1 per day.
*Tribulus Terrestris Extract for testosterone and sexual health (weight control, energy) 1 625 mg capsule 3-4 times per week. (This product may cause headaches or sweating).

These are very helpful and have increased my energy and help me with weight control around my midsection. The energy and other effects have improved my physical exercise and sexual health.

I either swallow these with coconut milk (Silk) or I make a shake or smoothie emptying the capsules into the shake. I still have to swallow the Fish Oil and Multivitamin. Below is my recipe that includes two other supplements that have great health benefits. I will write more on the benefits later. I just wanted to get these out in from of you for now.

I start with a Ninja Tumbler that holds 2 cups. I fill it 3/4 with crushed ice. I empty all my capsules onto the ice. I put one scoop of body strong 100% Egg Protein and one scoop of Magic Matcha Green Tea (scoops provided in products). I then pour Silk Coconut Milk (unsweetened) until almost full and add 1 tablespoon of local honey for sweetener. I blend until thoroughly mixed and the mixture is a smooth shake. I drink it and use it to take the fish oil and multivitamin.

BodyStrong 100% Pure Egg Protein

Magic Matcha Green Tea[/caption]

I am going to begin the blogging

I will begin now. I opened this account and made my first post last year. As with many, I was very excited and enthusiastic about blogging, until I got started. Blogging is a real commitment, but you also have to have something worth writing and being read.

I believe what I will be writing will be worth writing and being read. I am 58 now. I am active and want to continue being active. I am a triathlete, a 1/2 marathoner, an endurance cyclist, a backpacker, a scuba diver, a RVer, and a vacationer. Along with this I have grandchildren, teach High School English and am a director of a nonprofit organization.

I want to be able to continue to be active with a high quality of life–physically, emotionally, psychologically and sexually. I will write about the training I do, the supplements I use, the deals I find and the products I use. I will let you know of great places to go for all these activities and how you will be able to stay healthy for them with a busy schedule that limits the time you have. Right now, I ride my road bicycle when I am able, run when I can and swim at the YMCA at 5:00 a.m. before I go to work at school. It’s all about time management, moderation concerning food and beverage, and use of proven supplements.

I will blog on a consistent basis beginning today.

Coming Soon!! Posts for Men over 50 Wanting to Live Fully

I am 57.  I want to be active in a healthy way where I am able to enjoy every aspect of my being, physical, emotional, spiritual and social, until I pass from this existence.  I want to be able to enjoy music, hiking, running, bike riding, swimming, holding my grandkids, sex with my wife, financial peace, social relationships, walking through downtown, a stroll in the park, you name it.  All those things that make life on this earth enjoyable, worth living.  And I want to be able to do those things without the aid of others or medications.  How will I be able to do those things?  How will I be able to bend down and pick up my grandchild without wincing in pain?  How will I be able to run down the sidewalk without hobbling like a “57” year old?  How will I be able to have sex with my wife…?   How will I be able to….well you fill in the blank.  This blog will be my journey, the activities I do, the products I try, the processes I find that will help us men really be able to have Whole Living After 50.  Stay tuned and keep watching.  I will have a learning curve as I figure out how to do this blogging thing as well as the researching I will be doing.

This will be fun and this will be worth the trip!!!!