Everyday like Your Last or Everyday to the Fullest??

Which is it for you? For me, it’s neither. I want to just live each day, without wasting time on insignificant or futile distractions.

If I live each day like it is my last, I wouldn’t be able to enjoy life’s precious moments. I would always be trying to tackle the “big” things, missing out on the inconspicuous or innocent beautifully intimate “small” experiences. I would miss the hummingbirds flying around my flowerbeds. I would miss out on the latte from the local coffee shoppe while reading a bicycle magazine. I would miss out on the morning “peck” kiss as I left for my bike ride, jog, or swim. I would miss out on the impromptu lunch with my granddaughter. I would miss out on the quiet time in the afternoon on my back porch while drinking coffee. I would miss out on the TV time with my wife, laughing at the shows we were watching.

If I live everyday to the fullest, I wouldn’t be able to enjoy the lesser experiences of a local restaurant with a friend, a visit to the local bike or outdoor shop, a walk on the river, a trip to the grocery store for sorbet for my grandson, or a quick trip to my son’s & daughter’s-in-law house for a xmas program or a short walk with my wife.

If I just live each day without wasting time on insignificant distractions, I will take that

Time Flies…54 Years Ago
walk with my wife, have lunch with my granddaughter, see my grandchildren’s Christmas program, sit on my back porch watching hummingbirds drinking coffee, go to the grocery store for sorbet, get that “peck” from my wife on the way out to ride, jog or swim. I will not get bogged down in “world” news, caustic relationships, destructive behaviors, dysfunctional pursuits or be consumed with those things I am not able to change, but would eat away at my precious time.

Live life. We do not have time to waste. Time flies by, and you turn around and it’s gone. So…Enjoy all the moments. Take time to breath in the beauty and the serenity of your surroundings. Enjoy healthy pursuits. Most of all, cherish those loving, caring and intimate relationships!!!