Life is Too Short

Gloria and I relaxing with a view
I don’t have a bucket list, I have a “life is too short” list. Life is too short to worry about things you cannot change. Life is too short to worry about what others might think, even when you are seeking to do the best you are able. Life is too short to worry about what someone “heard” you said or did. Life is too short to worry about someone else’s fears and imaginations. Life is too short to live in a “squat,” to avoid risks, to miss seeing those right in front of you, not to say, “I love you,” not to take action, not to learn something new, not to taste something different, not to drink coffee on the back porch or take that trip to….

Life is too short not to live every day for Jesus, experiencing his grace and love, living with hope and purpose–whether working, serving, playing, or relaxing. Whole living after 50 is living in Jesus, enjoying life now, living without fear, taking care of yourself so you have quality of life, mentally, physically, relationally, sexually and most of all spiritually.

That is why, I have committed once again to full-time pastoring and serving in focused ways.

Backpacking in Emegrant Basin with Family
This is how God has gifted me and empowered me, therefore I find fulfillment and health in exercising these gifts faithfully–preaching/teaching, pastoring, leading and equipping others.

Heart to Heart Christian Fellowship
That is why, as I serve in this way at Heart to Heart Christian Fellowship and Co-Partners for Christ, I will also continue to build on my relationship with my wife, family, church and friends. I will also seek to eat in a healthy way and find supplements that are beneficial and not detrimental to my health. I will have active hobbies such as backpacking, road cycling, running, scuba diving, traveling, and beer making. I will have an active lifestyle that includes time with family, friends, believers and unbelievers.

You will be reading about many of these adventures. When I first started this blog, I intended on keeping my identity anonymous, but I decided, I will be an open book, so to speak, or an open blog.

I just returned from Honduras, where I began a ministry called Hogar de Esperanza. The trip was a great trip. We are making a major transition giving the lead over to Pastora Lorena Urbina and her family to develop and expand the current ministry there–from currently feeding 140 children 2 times per week and having 1-2 mission trips per year, to in the future having a church, a school, a clinic and a rehab center on location, all exalting Christ.

I am beginning my full-time role as Pastor and Director as I am transitioning out of my full-time English Teacher role at Brookhaven Youth Ranch School.

I am preparing for another trip to Honduras to continue working on the transition.

I am preparing for a family reunion in Texas as well as a backpacking trip in the Sierra Nevadas at the end of July. The backpacking trip will begin at Leavitt Meadows and be a 9 day trip.

So, hang on, I will let you know how my life at 59 is whole and full.

Feeding Children in Honduras
Hogar de Esperanza, Junquillo, Honduras 140 children and mothers.
Children Finishing the Great Adventure Bible Study