I’ve Been to REI

I just purchased Sahara convertible pants, silk one liner socks, and a backpack Themocell mosquito repeller. I also purchased refills for the Themocell. I have used silk one liner socks on my last 6 day hike in the Sierra Nevadas. I am going for 11 days this year from July 23-August 2. I will be wearing my Oboz boots, using my new Osprey pack, and all my other equipment. Most of my equipment is already field tested, but I haven’t tested my new Choco shoes, Thermocell mosquito repeller, or my new Osprey pack. I will post pictures of my recently purchased equipment soon.

Also, I have recently made a life decision concerning my daily commitment. I have committed to giving my full attention and time to Co-Partners for Christ and Heart to Heart Christian Fellowship. I will serve the poor, widows, orphans, disadvantaged, remote and hurting. I will show God’s grace in Jesus Christ to all who will receive. I will be traveling to Honduras, India, Mexico and other countries sharing God’s grace. I will will be leading Heart to Heart Christian Fellowship to sharing God’s grace with nearby neighbors. This is part of having a whole live after 50, finding meaning and a greater purpose for your life. This is mine.

Keep posted. Some interesting posts and pictures coming!!