Supplements I Take

I did a lot of research before I started taking any supplements or vitamins. At 58, I have different needs than when I was 38. I also have high cholesterol and high blood pressure, so I wanted something that would help in those areas as well.

*Magnesium Oxide, for heart health. 1 400 mg capsule per day.
*Glucosamine Chondroitin MSM, for heart, joint and muscle health. I buy theVitamin Shoppe Specialty combination that has 500 mg Glucosamine, 400 mg Chondroitin, and 500 mg MSM, a bottle of 360 capsules. I take 3 capsules per day.
*L-arginine, for heart, muscle and sexual performance. 3 500 mg capsules per day.
*Maca, for testosterone and sexual health (weight control, energy). 1 500 mg. capsule per day.
*Omega 3 Fish Oil (300 EPA/ 200 DHA) for blood and heart health. 2 1000 mg soft gels per day.
*ONe Daily Men’s 50 theVitamin Shoppe multivitamin supplement. 1 per day.
*Tribulus Terrestris Extract for testosterone and sexual health (weight control, energy) 1 625 mg capsule 3-4 times per week. (This product may cause headaches or sweating).

These are very helpful and have increased my energy and help me with weight control around my midsection. The energy and other effects have improved my physical exercise and sexual health.

I either swallow these with coconut milk (Silk) or I make a shake or smoothie emptying the capsules into the shake. I still have to swallow the Fish Oil and Multivitamin. Below is my recipe that includes two other supplements that have great health benefits. I will write more on the benefits later. I just wanted to get these out in from of you for now.

I start with a Ninja Tumbler that holds 2 cups. I fill it 3/4 with crushed ice. I empty all my capsules onto the ice. I put one scoop of body strong 100% Egg Protein and one scoop of Magic Matcha Green Tea (scoops provided in products). I then pour Silk Coconut Milk (unsweetened) until almost full and add 1 tablespoon of local honey for sweetener. I blend until thoroughly mixed and the mixture is a smooth shake. I drink it and use it to take the fish oil and multivitamin.

BodyStrong 100% Pure Egg Protein

Magic Matcha Green Tea[/caption]