I am going to begin the blogging

I will begin now. I opened this account and made my first post last year. As with many, I was very excited and enthusiastic about blogging, until I got started. Blogging is a real commitment, but you also have to have something worth writing and being read.

I believe what I will be writing will be worth writing and being read. I am 58 now. I am active and want to continue being active. I am a triathlete, a 1/2 marathoner, an endurance cyclist, a backpacker, a scuba diver, a RVer, and a vacationer. Along with this I have grandchildren, teach High School English and am a director of a nonprofit organization.

I want to be able to continue to be active with a high quality of life–physically, emotionally, psychologically and sexually. I will write about the training I do, the supplements I use, the deals I find and the products I use. I will let you know of great places to go for all these activities and how you will be able to stay healthy for them with a busy schedule that limits the time you have. Right now, I ride my road bicycle when I am able, run when I can and swim at the YMCA at 5:00 a.m. before I go to work at school. It’s all about time management, moderation concerning food and beverage, and use of proven supplements.

I will blog on a consistent basis beginning today.