Coming Soon!! Posts for Men over 50 Wanting to Live Fully

I am 57.  I want to be active in a healthy way where I am able to enjoy every aspect of my being, physical, emotional, spiritual and social, until I pass from this existence.  I want to be able to enjoy music, hiking, running, bike riding, swimming, holding my grandkids, sex with my wife, financial peace, social relationships, walking through downtown, a stroll in the park, you name it.  All those things that make life on this earth enjoyable, worth living.  And I want to be able to do those things without the aid of others or medications.  How will I be able to do those things?  How will I be able to bend down and pick up my grandchild without wincing in pain?  How will I be able to run down the sidewalk without hobbling like a “57” year old?  How will I be able to have sex with my wife…?   How will I be able to….well you fill in the blank.  This blog will be my journey, the activities I do, the products I try, the processes I find that will help us men really be able to have Whole Living After 50.  Stay tuned and keep watching.  I will have a learning curve as I figure out how to do this blogging thing as well as the researching I will be doing.

This will be fun and this will be worth the trip!!!!